The Minimalist London Lifestyle: How "Less is More" Can Lead to a Happier Life

The Minimalist London Lifestyle: How

Living in London can be expensive and overwhelming. We all know that. Everyone is constantly striving for more, more, and more. But what if less is actually more? What if minimalism could lead to a happier life? Here we dedicate an extra layer of research, analysis and thought carried out by the team of Simplementesoi on the search of the right answers derived from the questions outlined above.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of minimalism and how to achieve a minimalist lifestyle. We will examine how fewer material objects can lead to a less stressful life and how fewer commitments can free up time for the most important things. We will also discuss ways to de-clutter your home and live a simpler life in the big city. Remember a strong statement we at Simplementesoi always vouched for - life is actually measured in how grateful we are based in what we have - simply referring far beyond the material.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice to deliberately reduce the number of possessions one owns. It focuses on having less material objects and lesser commitments to create more space for life's most important things, such as friends, family, and leisure activities. Minimalists strive to own only what is necessary and practical while also eliminating any distractions that could prevent one from truly focusing on the important things.

How to Become a Material Minimalist?

The first step to becoming a material minimalist is decluttering your home. This can be done by sorting through your possessions and deciding what you need and what you don't. Anything that is not essential or necessary should be donated, recycled, or sold. When you're finished decluttering, you should be left with only the practical and useful things for everyday life.

Another way to become a material minimalist is to limit purchases. Before making any new purchases, ask yourself: "Do I really need this?" This will help you to avoid buying things that are not essential.


Declutter your home: Remove excess, unnecessary furniture.

Do you live in a tiny apartment? Do you have less open space in your home? We have the solution for you, remove any piece of furniture you do not need. You should also get rid of any old furniture or appliances that you no longer use. Less furniture will give your home a less cluttered look; you will gain open spaces in areas you never imagined you had available.

Imagine having a suddenly opened-up space in your basement that you can use as a studio, a gym, a dance floor, or whatever else your heart desires. Imagine having space in your living room where you can fit in more of your friends to have the best time.

Clear up your wardrobe: Less time Ironing and Washing, More Free Time.

Having fewer clothes in your wardrobe will free up your time washing and ironing. You can also take less time deciding what to wear as you will have lesser options available.

Being less of a hoarder will also make room for new, better clothes that you actually need. You can enjoy shopping less but get more out of it.

For this particular reason we at Simplementesoi also offer our fine collection of minimalistic, yet of very good quality and perfectly comfortable daily life clothes wich you can review here.

Less is More: less time at work, less stress, more time for your loved ones.

By wanting less and being content with less, you can become financially independent and have more time for yourself, your loved ones, and everything that is important. Having fewer objects to maintain or commitments to keep will free up your time, so you can truly enjoy life's moments. A minimalist lifestyle has less stress as no one is trying to keep up with anyone. Everyone can have only the things they need.

Less is More means becoming Financially Minimalist as well.

Financial minimalism is a mindset that encourages less spending and less debt. It focuses on saving more money and only purchasing what is necessary. This allows people to become financially independent and have time for the things they enjoy most.

Financial minimalism means living on less than you earn and investing or saving the difference. When you become a financial minimalist, your biggest challenge is learning how to make do with less. This can be done by focusing less on material possessions and more on experiences and relationships. One of the most significant issues people living in large cities like London face is buying things just to keep up with their friends or the latest trends. Instead of constantly looking for ways to spend more money, focus on saving and investing. This will create less stress and more freedom in the long run. The most important thing to remember is that minimalism never means living like a homeless person or having a less meaningful or enjoyable life; in fact, minimalism is quite the opposite. Less is more lifestyle means having all the things that make you happy and none of the things you do not need or create stress.


Living a minimalist lifestyle comes with many benefits, such as less stress, less debt, more open space in your home, and more free time to do the things you love most. By embracing minimalism, you will find yourself living a happier, less cluttered, and less overwhelming life. So don't forget: less is more!

You can also check the blog of Simplmentesoi to read about more similar topics and also other ones related to the fine balance and steady growth we are aiming to help you build in your life.

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