How Appreciation and Meditation Can Improve Your Mental Health

How Appreciation and Meditation Can Improve Your Mental Health

We at Simplementesoi aim to create and deliver for you a lifestyle where you feel totally comfortable to be in peace and harmony with your own life rhythm, needs and desires.

It is often a reflection we forget to even begin thinking about – least to say do in our everyday life. So one of the goals we at Simplementesoi have is to encourage you to be persistent in the efforts you make to invest in activities that make you feel fulfilled with life.

In this other article of from our blog we also covered precisely in one of the points what it takes and what is the true meaning of finding purpose in life. Little changes we do towards positive outcomes in our lives reflect in unexpected niches not only of our daily life but also in the daily life of others. We are all connected. Don’t forget that.

Once you do what we outlined in the beginning, all the other people you love and care about will inevitably also be positively affected by that. In the end of the day it is a ripple-effect of positivism and positive energy, metaphorically speaking of course.


What is Meditation and How it Can Help You?

Meditation is the act of focusing, not the absence of thought. It is a technique for focusing your attention on the current moment and accepting it without judgment. Meditation is currently being studied scientifically, and it has been discovered to be an important component in stress reduction and general pleasure.


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is an important element of living a healthy lifestyle. Over the period of time, regular meditation has proved to have many benefits, including:


Improves mental health

According to research, regular practice of mindfulness meditation has been linked to reduced symptoms of depression, a more optimistic perspective, and increased self-efficacy and image.


Improves physical health

Meditation can assist enhance physical health in a variety of ways. Mindfulness can aid in the relief of stress, the treatment of heart disease, the reduction of chronic pain, the improvement of sleep, and the relief of gastrointestinal problems.


Better Sleep

You may learn to relax physically, intellectually, and emotionally via mindful meditation. Your body will recall how it feels to let go of unpleasant, repetitious thoughts more frequently over time, and relaxing will become easier for you, particularly at night.


Improved Concentration and Focus


Meditation on a daily basis enables your mind to focus more effectively. Meditation is necessary if you have a problem with procrastination. When you meditate on a daily basis, you may teach your mind to experience concentrated attention, which will increase your concentration for the rest of your life.

You'll notice that you're getting better at listening and stopping before reacting to others, as well as automatically understanding how to reply clearly and go from work to task.


Role of Appreciation

Appreciation alone is an effective tool to help people achieve goals that are apparently beyond their capabilities. Consider an athlete running towards the finish line, almost ready to give up. That athlete can feel a jolt of renewed energy just by the chanting of the crowd.

People chanting their name can push the athlete to finish the race they almost gave up on with energy they thought they didn’t have. A positive working environment coupled with appreciation can essentially end stress, boost confidence, and help build better health.



In the end, regardless of our specific circumstances, mindful meditation may make a significant impact in our lives both mentally and physically. This is something we at Simplementesoi believe is extremely important for you. And that is why we want to raise awareness about it and share it with you.

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