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Unlimited Identity

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Live Healthy 150 year and Beyond?

Science knows how

There is only one planet

Conscious Consumption

What is Simplementesoi ®

The English meaning is: Simply Am.

As a lifestyle, it is the realization that our Body, Brain and being are limitless resources.

It is the art of life´s creation, doing what we are passionate for, transforming suffering into knowledge and knowing how to live with less in a simple and Eco-Friendly way it is our core value.

We´re not our name. It is something we have. We´re not profession, belief´s attachments, race or skin colour, politics, etc.

We are much more than that!
We are Billions of Beautiful Hearts full of Kindness & love.

We simply are when we live out of the delusion of fear. We simply are when we do what we are passionate for. We simply are in this precise moment when the Time & Space cease to exist.

We are

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Mindset: EcoConscious

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