Buying stuff you don´t need does not make you happy

Buying stuff you don´t need does not make you happy

Baby vs. Adult Happiness

When I was a little boy, I didn't have the feeling that being happy had something to do with having money. I remember that I was happy with anything or a friend at that precise moment. A baby is happy with a keychain and you realize when you have got him a toy of lights and he prefers the keys of mom or dad. Babies, boys and girls are teachers in this field of happiness.
We adults have a strange concept of money. When we don't have it, we tend to believe that we need it to achieve happiness. When we have it, we tend to believe that we need more to achieve happiness. The strangest thing is that we adults know intellectually that money does not bring happiness, but we keep running and wasting our lives in search of it. As you can see, it is stupid, a mental game. A circle with no way out.
All this mental chaos of money gives happiness, success, freedom, etc., It is a mental association created by our closest environment. Family, friends, TV, Internet.

How we understand money

Money has no intrinsic value. It is not bad or good. Everything, absolutely everything is neutral and only depends on the power of the interpretation given by us.
Human beings who suffer extreme poverty, when they see the problems or poverty of the most economically advanced countries, do not understand why we complain if we have water to drink, food to eat, shelter, sanitation, etc. Probably many of those Human Beings would not trade their lives for ours because they would not understand our value system.
In reality, there is nothing demonic about money. Like working from 9-5. You can use it for good. Help those most in need or create a business that helps us evolve on the right path.
The money is not to mortgage you half of your life, to buy that car that you know your neighbor will love or those things that you do not need and still buy them.

There are things more important than money

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with money. We all need to pay bills. The problem is when we put money and possessions first, we lose sight of real priorities. We lose sight of our real life purposes.
Start by getting rid of and donate things you don't need. It will help you clear your mind, save money and you will be collaborating in a sustainable way with Planet Earth. You will make room in your life for the things that really matter: health, relationships, spiritual growth, giving, and community.
-Be Simple-

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