How to Focus on Yourself — and Yourself Only

How to Focus on Yourself — and Yourself Only

Taking time out to rejuvenate and spend time alone is not selfish. It is totally OK. And if you feel like doing so you have to follow your natural instincts. Because everything starts and grows with you. This is what we at Simplementesoi stand for. Making oneself a priority may offer physical and mental health advantages. Putting yourself first is a terrific approach to creating time for activities you like.

When was the last time you paused to assess your own needs without considering what others desired for you?

Focusing on self-improvement and self-understanding is one of the finest strategies to maintain evolving as a human being. This might involve taking steps toward a goal or simply adding a few items that lead to happiness. Consider some of the suggestions below, which experts think can help you get started.


Know Yourself

When you're unsure about your identity, it might be challenging to figure out what you want out of life. You won't be able to reach your goals until you first understand who you are as a human being. Developing a solid self-relationship is an excellent method to refocus your attention on yourself.


Make a Self-care Strategy


Self-care helps you to direct your focus in a fundamental way toward yourself. Everyone has basic needs that contribute to their overall well-being. If you ignore these demands, you may experience unfavorable changes in your physical and emotional health. Begin simple and build your way up to additional self-care habits.


Invest Time in Activities that You Enjoy

Forget about the latest trends or what other people around you are doing and focus on what you actually like and enjoy. Spend time on activities that you enjoy. Make a list of all the activities or adventures that you want to do.


Comparing Yourself with Anyone

It's quite normal to compare yourself to others; however, do not let this comparison demotivate you. Instead, use it for your own improvement.


Finding your Purpose in Life

This might be a cliché but it is extremely important in the context of this article. That is why we want to stress on this subject as well. Now let’s also be clear – finding your purpose in life is not easy, and should not come up to a certain period of time in life, also through a certain magic or unique standard formula everyone should follow.

Most often one can find purpose in life through a lot of ups and downs, the conscious effort to analyze reflect and learn from each success or failure. That is how you can get to know yourself and understand what truly matters to you, what builds you up, where (place or situation) you feel at peace, and what brings joy and love in your life.

And finally on this note, no one said it all should stay super easy and without challenges once you find your purpose in life. It will be that you will then be able to tackle obstacles much more effectively and smoothly – and feel joy, most of the time. Remember that contrast of feelings, emotions and situations is what after all we call life.


Simplementesoi – I Simply Am


Focusing on yourself is the key to a happy and successful life. Prioritize yourself and concentrate on rediscovering who you are as a human.


To adopt the Simplementesoi lifestyle means to discover a happy life through your own identity and the flow that you as a human being create in life. You begin by assessing your routines, understandings, life patterns, determining what is truly essential to you (and nurture it), within you and outside of you, and getting rid of whatever you don’t need. Literally. It may appear simple to write and read but it takes your efforts to apply it in the daily life.


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