Less Is More: Can Having Less Make You Live Happier Life?

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When you choose to live with only those things that are absolute necessities and not bother yourself with extra items you can live without, this is known as Minimalism. Our brand, Simplementesoi, is all about minimalism in life. A way of living that roots important practices that will inevitably derive peace, harmony and prosperity in your life.

Why Go the Simplementesoi Lifestyle?

The Simplementesoi lifestyle is root for focus on your own – as human being and as individual. You are already great, you are already happy, you are already rich in emotions, you are already important. And the list goes on. But you need to first stop, then think about all that and finally understand that this is the most important line of thoughts you should allow pretty big and comfy space for in your brain. Think it, name it and it will be.

This lifestyle Simplementesoi follows somehow mirrors the minimalism patterns and is preferred because it entails fewer financial obligations and a life focused on experiences rather than material possessions. The constant desire to generate money to cover for that materialistic lifestyle causes a lot of unhappiness and stress. You don’t have to own a dress with matching shoes and accessories for each and every occasion. With fewer belongings, you have more control over your life. We feel much more liberated, have less financial stress, and have money to spend on events that bring us joy.

How To Practice Minimalism?

The easiest approach to start improving your lifestyle is to start thinking about your consumption pattern. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”, “What happens if I don’t have this thing?” “Is it merely a wish to buy this or a necessity?”. Asking these questions implies becoming aware of the fact that we spend more than we need. And the fact that we are actually more important than our belongings. Here come the Simplementesoi lifestyle everybody loves.

Can Having Less Make You Live Happier Life?

Many believe that having more will make us happy so that we start working day and night to earn and save more money. For them, money is everything. They look at others and judge them based on their money, their cars, and their lifestyle and try to improve their own lifestyle more than others. This leads to continuous anxiety, pressure, and complexity.

Living a meaningful lifestyle focused on your own (as human being) can increase your happiness. This is what Simplementesoi is about. You are happy and in harmony with life for what you are and who you are.

You will have a peaceful and grateful family life leaving an excellent example for your kids. Owning unnecessary things will make your house look spacious and easy to clean. Having less or having the necessities will make your life hassle-free and focus on what is essential, leading to a happy life with a peaceful mind.

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