Minimalism: Is Less Really More?

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You probably would have heard the slogan “less is more,” but what exactly does it mean? Does it only entail to have lesser things in your possessions? The answer is No; it is not just confined to this definition. It is more than that. It is a complete lifestyle that shares the notion that people and experiences in life are more important than material things.

This does not at all mean living a life off-grid or keeping yourself away from technological developments. So, now let’s have a look at the minimalism approach and see for ourselves that Is less really more? Well here comes the Simplementesoi lifestyle.

We at Simplementesoi, believe in the roots of minimalism and have founded some of our  philosophy, values and identity on its principles, as they mirrors to a significant extent what we believe brings really happiness and meaning in life. The minimalist approach is a way of living that roots important practices that will inevitably derive peace, harmony and prosperity in your life.

No matter how much more you have you might be often feeling incomplete or in constant seek for the “thing” that will bring you or make you what you can’t really name but believe will come with the materialistic achievements. Well, you might be wrong.

What is Simplementesoi?

An understanding that we as human beings are at the center of our own live and we are already happy for what we have and who we are. In direct translation form Spanish Language the name stands for “I simply am!”. We could also say that the Simplementesoi lifestyle mirrors in ways the minimalist lifestyle which redirects our attention away from the useless and distracting areas of our lives and toward the more significant and vital components of our lives. It allows us to spend more of our time doing activities that make us happy and contribute purpose and worth to our lives.

How is less more?

Have you ever noticed that we go out shopping with friends? We often end up buying things that are not needed, but since your friend was buying it, you also bought it, ignoring the fact that they might actually need it, but you don’t. This is because we don’t question ourselves, “Do I really need this thing?” before buying anything.

Similarly, if you stand in front of your closet, you might see a lot of clothes that you have not worn in a long time, but they are still in there waiting for you to wear them, but you don’t; instead you go out and buy more. Have you considered donating them to someone who actually needs them?

The Simplementesoi lifestyle

Here we want to give you better perspective of what the Simplementesoi lifestyle is.

Almost the same as the values of minimalism, the Simplementesoi lifestyle assists you in breaking free from the hold that materialism have on your life. You will be more satisfied and happy with your entire life if you learn to appreciate what you already have – you. Hence the “Simplementesoi” meaning in English – “I simply am!”

Setting your mind towards that attitude and understanding will assist you in realizing that you already have all you require to be happy. This may significantly reduce stress (positive healthy impact on your mind, body and soul) and make you more aware of the things you truly value and that truly add meaning to your life and existence.

To adopt the Simplementesoi lifestyle means to discover a happy life. You begin by assessing your routines, understandings, life patterns, determining what is truly essential to you, within you and outside of you, and getting rid of whatever you don’t need.

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