Why Acceptance Means Freedom for You?

Why Acceptance Means Freedom for You?

Acceptance is an important life skill. Acceptance means being happy with what you have, letting go of what you cannot change, and knowing the truth beyond your mind's distortions. Acceptance makes your life much easier!

Here are six reasons why acceptance brings more happiness, peace of mind, and joy into your busy lifestyle…


Acceptance Helps You to Let Go

We can never change certain things about life or other people. Acceptance is, therefore, the path of least resistance. Acceptance helps you to let go and be happy with your current situation when you cannot change anything anymore (e.g., accepting that your best friend has betrayed you).

Acceptance means letting go of what's beyond your control (e.g., becoming peaceful after changing nothing but instead accepting that not everything in life is under control).

Accepting something allows you to detach yourself from it (e.g., becoming detached emotionally after realizing there is nothing more you can do to make a bad relationship work out). Acceptance frees up space in your mind and in your heart for the good stuff!


Acceptance Keeps You In The Present Focused on the Important

When you are lost in thoughts about the past or future, you miss out on life. Acceptance helps you to live in the present moment and be more mindful. Acceptance brings peace of mind by keeping you in the here and now. Accepting what is, instead of resisting it, makes life much more peaceful and joyful.


Acceptance Helps You To Be More Mindful

Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment without judgment. Acceptance is a key ingredient of mindfulness because it helps you to be non-judgmental towards yourself and your current situation. Acceptance enables you to stay aware of what's happening right now without getting lost in thoughts about the past or future. Acceptance allows you to be more in control of your life and to live more fully in the present moment.


Acceptance Helps You To Accept Yourself

When you accept yourself just as you are, you free yourself from self-judgment and criticism. Acceptance leads to self-love and self-care. Accepting yourself enables you to live a happier life because you no longer compare yourself to others or try to be someone that you're not. Accepting yourself helps you to let go of perfectionism and embrace your authentic self.


Acceptance Promotes Inner Peace

It is said that the greatest peace comes from within. Acceptance promotes peace of mind by helping you to let go of things that are beyond your control. Accepting yourself helps you to become more peaceful inside.

Acceptance of others brings peace of mind by letting go of the constant thinking about how you want them to be or behave. Acceptance can, therefore, free up a lot of emotional energy that you could have spent on fighting with reality!


Acceptance Is The Foundation Of All Acceptance-Based Practices

The following practices are all acceptance-based - they help you accept your thoughts, feelings, and the current situation just as they are right now: Mindfulness Meditation Acceptance Commitment Therapy Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Accepting difficult emotions or unpleasant thoughts is something that takes courage, and it requires practice.

Once you learn how to accept yourself, accepting other people becomes much easier too! Accepting things is not easy at first, but it gets easier with practice.

Acceptance is, therefore, the foundation of all acceptance-based psychotherapies and life practices. Accepting things can be scary at first because you are giving up control over your current situation. Accepting things and people often goes against our ego and desires - we don't want to lose out on what we think we deserve or want!

Accepting things, however, frees us from mental suffering and enables us to go after our goals without carrying negative emotions such as anger, hatred, and sadness within us. Acceptance Is A Choice Acceptance doesn't just happen - it requires conscious work and effort. Acceptance requires deciding that you want to let go of your resistance and be okay with what is.

Acceptance is a choice that you make - it's not something that just happens automatically. You have to choose to accept things in order for acceptance to work its magic in your life!



So, these are some of the reasons why acceptance is such an important key to a happy, peaceful and joyful life. Acceptance allows you to free yourself from emotional suffering, be more mindful and live in the present moment. Acceptance also helps you to accept yourself just as you are and leads to inner peace.

Acceptance is the foundation of all acceptance-based practices, and it requires courage and effort. Accepting things can be difficult at first, but it gets easier with practice. The bottom line is that accepting things is a choice - you have to choose to accept in order for acceptance to work its magic in your life!


Life's equation to stop suffering

It is crucially important to stress on this particular equation and elaborate on it so that you can understand it well enough instantly grab the mechanisms and tools that will allow you to stop suffering as soon as possible, once you start properly apply the changes needed it in your daily life and events occurring on daily basis. We all have those.

Here we provide you with the equation of suffering that many people hold of in their life as a natural reflex, however a very wrong one as well.

“pain + resistance = suffering”

So in order to lead a stable, prosperous and happy life you must immediately accommodate the “Acceptance” in this equation and to do it properly in order to change your life towards better. This is the way the equation you should endorse from now onwards.

“pain + acceptance = freedom”


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