About Us

When I started with the idea of ​​creating the simplementesoi® clothing brand, I had the goal of being as transparent as possible. Avoid offering flashy headlines instead of substantive headlines promoting self awareness in consumption and spreading the idea "we don´t need much stuff to be fulfilled with live".

We won´t have daily offers or holidays offers ones such as huge % discounted prices to get you trapped in the world of buy for buy. We will have offers such as buy two and get % discounted with the purpose of supporting you buying what you need a bit more accesible.

This firm is about something much more deep. Becoming aware that we need less. We have to buy less of better average quality, is the core value of the shop way of selling.

I have chosen the best in the world dropshipping producer and supplier of clothing in the market, thus guaranteeing you an absolutely best quality of clothes and service. This way, I will be giving you the best service possible, from the producing your clothes up to the delivery in your step door.

We offer you a brand with a message in itself that might help you to feel good all day, empowered and willing of being what you really are. Might remind you, that you must do what makes you feel fulfilled and in peace at that moment in your life.

We will offer you products at the highest quality and therefore long life, contributing in a Eco-Friendly way towards our Mother Nature and offering you the customer service you deserve, get you to wear simplementesoi® clothes because you have merged with the firm, it is our core mission.

Our goal is that you can empty your closet! We all win! You would already have your clothing brand with which you feel amazing and happy wearing it a daily basis. You won´t need more daily clothes! You would get rid of stress and spending more money, and on top of that the Planet Earth also wins because we would buy less! It´s a win-win!

Finally, finding a community of Human Beings who do not feel identified with this crazy, consumerist, egocentric and distanced way of life nowadays, it is the simplementesoi® purpose.
Humans that they feel such a love for life that they´d want to live one hundred fifty years and beyond!
Much love for you all,